22 July 2010

Questions, Questions, Questions

There are so many things I want to ask for pre-reading for Pies Ligeros!

Looking at the pictures:

  • What colors does the artist use in these pictures?
  • How do these colors make you feel?
  • What kind of story do you expect from this style of painting? Fairy tale? Fable? Biography?
  • Who will be some of the characters in this book?
  • What activity are all of the characters doing?
About the idea of Death:
  • What adjectives or feelings do you associate with Death?
  • How is Death like a jumprope contest?
About the animals:
  • What adjectives do you associate with (toad, iguana, monkey, coyote, rabbit, alligator, grasshopper)?
  • Who would win a jumprope contest (see above) or Man? Why?
I really wish I could find a page in SPANISH about the significance of the animals represented in the story as a warm-up reading.  Then again, that would make, what, the 4th pre-reading activity?  What's worse: I'm in the process of adding visuals for the animal words (even the familiar ones) for the illustration powerpoint--still ANOTHER pre-reading.

I think I could overload with pre-reading if I do it this way.  Then again, If I spent one day talking about Death and words and ideas associated with it and THEN did all the powerpoint/reading/post-reading the next day...it might work.  Then I could use quotes about Death for Comparisons.  Or perhaps they could look up their own quotes about Death for homework: simple, quick, and interesting.

OK, so they have their quotes, and with them answer: ¿Qué es la Muerte?  ¿Cuáles son unas palabras para describir la Muerte?

THEN we look at the pictures!  I could add words they don't expect to associate with Death, asking them if Death is also those things (especially things to describe a jumprope game).  Then that would facilitate the post-reading with the Venn Diagram and jumprope poem!

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