29 July 2010

Idea to steal for Spanish 1!

There are a lot of things from Jim's presentation that I do not think could be found online for the majority of the Spanish-speaking world, i.e. bus/train schedules (though maybe this site will work?).  HOWEVER, I believe he has shown me the perfect way to start my Spanish 1 school year!

  1. I want to put my kids in family groups and have them choose apellidos.
  2. I want them to pick a city to live in; should they all start in Mexico?  If they do, their family can "move" later--and we'll have a new class arrangement!
  3. I want them to pick a house to live in (city first, because houses look different region to region).
  4. It would be neat to have them use Google Earth to find Oxxos (convenience store chain) and torta shops near their house for Mexico!
  5. Having them find schools could prep them for a comparison unit (public vs. private is a world apart there) and provide a background for school vocabulary
  6. Oh, and they have GOT to find phone numbers!  Where will I find a Mexican phone book?
  7. The invitations to visit would be a nice, simple, authentic task and a fun way to get people moving.
Additional thoughts: though I would not be personally familiar with anywhere but Guadalajara, if students come from different countries, or even just different regions, then they would have something to teach each other when they "visit" perhaps.

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