13 July 2010

Formative activities with 5 Cs

Let's see if I can remember them: Communication, Culture, Community, Connections...Comprehension?  Nuts.  Comparisons.  Comparisons AND connections?  Seems redundant.

In the spirit of memorizing this, the backbone of foreign language instruction nationwide, and making my plans for the year to come as thorough as possible, I'm not only going to use Sternberg labels and modes of communication labels to determine the validity of a formative assessment assignment, but I will also attempt to apply the 5 C's.

No wait!  Now I'm being redundant!  The three modes are contained in the Communication standard!  My, this does free me up.  I had been struggling to fit everything into the Communication category, when that is not strictly necessary!  Those analytical activities that weren't quite interpersonal and weren't quite interpretive  could well fall under Connections or Comparisons.

My kingdom for my little planning notebook that is down the mountain, in my living room, on the end table!

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