Interdisciplinary Idea

My principal tweets a lot…and sometimes it’s interesting.  Last night, for example, he linked to I have been looking for an excuse to become part of the health science projects at my school, interdisciplinary independent research projects that students typically complete as part of their science classes every 6 weeks, Read more…

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Idea to steal for Spanish 1!

There are a lot of things from Jim’s presentation that I do not think could be found online for the majority of the Spanish-speaking world, i.e. bus/train schedules (though maybe this site will work?).  HOWEVER, I believe he has shown me the perfect way to start my Spanish 1 school Read more…

By Laura Sexton, ago

TPR to do

I aspire to make my TPR as good as Lara’s one day, but I was confused by what she’d told me versus what I saw.  She said that she made the gestures up with the kids, but then demonstrated gestures she’d already made up.  I think I like that better, Read more…

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Cute Idea or Comprehension?

As a baby English teacher, I was raised to think of all sorts of creative things–the most creative things possible–to attach to a book and motivate readers to engage with it.  Ironically, what I think I was missing was methods to engage the readers DURING the reading and the means Read more…

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5 c's

Somewhere to begin!

Just as Dra. Moser said: the student writer needs “organizational support”!  The example that provided suggestions for segmenting chunks a writing assignment was just what I needed to get started! With the format that included a context/set-up scenario, followed by a description of the type of text to be produced, Read more…

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5 c's

Formative activities with 5 Cs

Let’s see if I can remember them: Communication, Culture, Community, Connections…Comprehension?  Nuts.  Comparisons.  Comparisons AND connections?  Seems redundant. In the spirit of memorizing this, the backbone of foreign language instruction nationwide, and making my plans for the year to come as thorough as possible, I’m not only going to use Read more…

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