15 June 2017

SCOLT will pay for us to hang out!!

Have you ever wanted to just sit down and talk shop--in more than 140 characters?

Do you need someone from outside your district to preach the gospel of proficiency and performance-based assessment to incredulous colleagues?

Is there something you've seen on PBL in the TL or #langchat that you've always wanted grill me about?

Have you ever thought, "My school/district will never pay for this"?

Well if you're in North Carolina, you're in luck!

The Southern Conference on Language Teaching will send me to your school and foot the bill! Just fill out this form letting them know what you want and when! (We do have to clear it with my principal if it's during the school year, but you can find contact info for my school here just to make sure!)

Be sure you also know:
  1. Location, audience, and proposed date of the event 
  2. The purpose and format of the event
  3. How the funds will be used, including supplies, substitute if necessary, travel, stipend
In case you're wondering, some things I've presented on in the past include:
  • using authentic resources (even with novices)
  • performance-based assessment
  • portfolios
  • and of course PBL
You can see these previous presentations on Pinterest and more information about my professional specialties on my workshop page.

But what if you're not in North Carolina?

I mean, we can work something out that is not SCOLT sponsored, BUT as long as you are within the SCOLT region, you are still in luck! It turns out that these lovely ladies are part of the deal too! You can get the state language teacher of the year from your state to come share with you and guide you on the SCOLT dime too! And let me tell you, they are ALL super sweet and smart and committed to helping students use language!

So see if some of the skills you are looking for can be found even closer to home!

[MISSISSIPPI] Lori Pierce - @piercemsms

French, German, Latin

Lori can help your school or district move to a more proficiency-based classroom! She can also provide professional development on
  • Proficiency standards
  • Technology
  • Interpretive & interpersonal activities

[FLORIDA] Christel Callahan


Christel can help make your language program more visible by collaborating and building learning communities! She can also offer professional development on:
  • Community engagement
  • Interculturality 
  • 90% target language instruction 

[SOUTH CAROLINA] Heather Giles - @SraChiles


Heather can help your school or district with curriculum and/or unit development as well as:
  • Proficiency standards and performance-based assessment 
  • Technology
  • Writing in the L2

[VIRGINIA] Allison Carneiro da Silva - @ACWLTeach

Spanish, French

Allison loves to share how you can integrate the arts into world language classes and also offers ideas for ready-to-use performance-based assessment strategies!

So make your plans!

Bring one of these fabulous, award-winning educators to your next in-service absolutely free and se what SCOLT ToYs can do for you!

08 June 2017

5 Steps to Sort Travel Pics for Student Use!

I'm ready for my next trip to Peru!

I mean, I don't have anything packed yet, and I'm reasonably sure where my passport is.

But I've got everything ready to go to store and sort the photos and videos I will take while I'm down there! And that's what really matters, isn't it?

I swore off buying whole bookshelves when I traveled the first time I went to Peru. I resolved to document my finds with Instagram and was pleased to discover on my trip to Mexico last year that I could use IFTTT to sort the photos into Pinterest boards with the touch of a button! Well...the typing of a hashtag.

So here's what ya' do if you want to simultaneously collect insta-souvenirs and sort them for student consumption.

1. Plan the categories

I know I'm going to be around schools, museums, and ruins a lot. Signs always make great authentic texts for novices, too. Also, let us not forget about food. So I picked:
  • escuela
  • arte
  • historia
  • sitio
  • letreros
  • comida

2. Plan the hashtags

I thought "SXTN" would be a really recognizable way to modify my name back when I got married (and also casually avoided titters about the first 3 letters--my husband thought he was so brave surviving FOUR years of high school with this name). I still have to spell it out letter by letter for my email, and no one gets what it stands for. Whatever, fewer characters for tweeting and hashtags. So I add it to my categories.

  1. So other people's "escuela" photos won't get mixed into the stream
  2. So the "originals" can always be found with a quick Instagram search
This year I also added "PE" (for Peru, obvs), in order to separate my previous trips out, seeing as I have various activities related to said snapshots, activities that have been published and distributed. I wouldn't want to mess up those sub plans for anyone else!

3. Set up the recipes

I can't bring myself to call them "applets," but whatever it is that IFTTT.com makes, they are PERFECT for this sort of thing. So I've got
I keep all of the videos together to make one big listening stash, mostly of me talking to myself, but hopefully with some more interviews this time.

I've also had pics add to Flickr instead of Pinterest when Pinterest was on the fritz, but I don't think there's a way to add them to a specific album automatically. Plus I like how students can easily re-save pins and collect or embed them.

You could also use post to Twitter or Facebook, if, like, your kids are into that #teenageeyeroll #minearent #wishtherewasasnapchatrecipe

4. Make a stunning visual

I will grow old and die waiting to hear back from an email sent over the summer. But if I post a pic on Instagram? 20-30 likes by the end of the day. So I use Canva to make a pretty ad for the experience so people can follow along with the adventures and be tempted into practicing their Spanish!

5. Post to the web

Posting gives me a chance to test my recipes! I hashtag this puppy and post it to Instagram, and BAM my Pinterest boards are created!

So, if you are headed off to some fabulous locale, and can be bothered to caption your snapshots in the target language, I DO hope you will share the hashtags with us here so we can all follow along and live vicariously through your exploits and target language usage! Until then, keep an eye on these Pinterest boards as photos start to pop up next week!